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We were so thrilled to see our Mayor Brandi Harless include "compassion for one another" as a part of her strategic plan for the City of Paducah!

Mayor Brandi Harless introduced to the Board a draft strategic plan for the City of Paducah that includes updated vision, mission, and values statements. The proposed vision statement is as follows: Paducah is a city where people strive to reach their full potential through lifelong learning, creativity, culture, and compassion for one another. She also provided an overview of eight key performance areas. The key performance areas are
Maintain high level of safety for all
Develop healthy and sustainable neighborhoods
Maintain thoughtful and modern infrastructure
Provide open, smart, and engaged government
Enhance arts, culture, and tourism
Empower upward economic mobility for all
Provide excellent recreation experiences for all ages and abilities
Celebrate a diverse community.
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