This Saturday the Guess Anti-Bullying Foundation will partner with MAKE in downtown Paducah for a Rock Painting and Kindness Tag Mural event. The fun, free event will be held in the parking lot behind MAKE and will be a come-and-go process from 10 AM to 1 PM. MAKE is located at 628 Broadway.

“We decided to schedule the event during our new fall Quilt Week so we could give both locals and visitors the opportunity to creatively spread a little kindness,” said Kijsa Housman, owner of MAKE studios and shop. “Paint and rocks will be provided to spread a little love in our community and beyond,” added Susan Guess, Director of the Guess Anti-Bullying Foundation. “Since the initiation of our Anti-Bullying Foundation, we have continuously looked for ways to build awareness about the dramatic effect that simple acts of kindness can have on every man, woman, and child in our surroundings. There is no better foundation for a better world and a more loving, cohesive community that to embrace basic kindness.”

“This has been a fun project that began as a grass roots effort out of Massachusetts. It has sort of taken off as a movement. Dian Martinez began the first Paducah rock group locally with You Rock Paducah,” explained Housman. “This is just a continuation of kindness from those inspirations.”

The Kindness Tags are Kijsa’s inspiration from images she saw and photographed in Seoul, South Korea. “Poems and prayers were written on ribbons and tied from trees so they might blow in the wind,” Housman added. In our UNESCO Creative City, what a beautiful way to use our heritage of fibers to spread kind words to others and offer awareness of the impact positive words can have.”

Participants will be creating kindness tags and looping them to create a mural around the painted words #Be Kind Paducah. Attendees will also be able to create their own kindness tags to hang where they want kind words to fly.

“October is Anti-Bullying Month,” commented Morgan Guess, who was bullied in second grade. She is the daughter of Susan Guess who, with the help of friends and family, created the initiative which ultimately resulted in the Guess Anti-Bullying Foundation. “So now is a good time to talk about the impact of bullying and to make more and more people aware that kindness can make a difference in the lives of people of all ages.”