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  • Please review these areas of focus:

    Increase Employment Opportunities
    • Work with private employers and governmental agencies
    • Create job bank for linking the community to opportunities

    Grow Homeownership Opportunities
    • Promote and conduct homeowner education and workshops
    • Establish down payment program via forgivable grants
    • Seek financial institution commitment to expedited loan approval and preferred interest rates

    Promote Minority Business Ownership Opportunities
    • Promote and conduct small business workshops
    • Establish startup funding via forgivable grants
    • Establish free business education classes

    Build Partnerships & Programs with Judicial System (includes District & Circuit Court Judges, County & Commonwealth Attorney, Public Defender, Police Department, Sheriff Department)
    • Work with law enforcement leaders to create race-relations workshops
    • Host community discussions about fairness and being fair
    • Promote law enforcement and judicial mentorship programs

    Launch Education Initiative
    • Promote race-relations workshops for School Board members, school administrators and instructors
    • Establish/increase funding for minority scholarships via non-profit organization(s)
    Launch Minority Youth Development Program
    • Establish Summer Youth Program (City & County)
    • Create paid Intern Program
    • Identify services and support needed for success - mentor program, mental health access, etc.
    Conduct VISION workshops
    This area of work is specifically for youth to make sense of what has occurred during 2020, the history of racism, struggles, remedies, and VISION for the future.